From human to human to the MICE Sales Expert of the
21st century with ease and time saving.

You want to welcome more corporate clients from Germany in your hotel or location?

With the MICE Academy, I guide you step by step to build a successful hybrid distribution system by using my 4-step plan to achieve proven success and milestones in just 120 days.

Maybe you know this …


You know that feeling when someone tells you to sell something? That scary feeling of trying to sell something to someone? And then it gets even more dramatic when someone tells you, “No sales, no revenue. No sales, no business.”

Unfortunately, this is one of the main reasons why many people associate Sales with pushing something to someone in order to generate revenue.

More importantly, Sales is a people business and we like to be surrounded by people. It means that we want to offer the best solution for our customer and not for us.

It is much more important to be yourself and to go into sales with more authenticity instead of just numbers, data and facts.


Sales from human to human


Be yourself so that you feel comfortable.

A mentor who accompanied me on my sales development once said: “The biggest challenge in life is to be yourself in a world that tries to make you like everyone else.”

That’s exactly what you’ll learn at the MICE online Academy. What Sales means from human to human, with personality and individuality. In live and online.

So much is happening in the market and digitalization and overconsumption have picked up speed. And this is just the beginning. We are building a MICE Sales strategy together that is timely, sustainable and easy to establish. Because we all don’t have time.

People buy from people.

Who will accompany you on your sales journey?


Stephanie Kubik creates experiences that are remembered through social selling in the DACH market, sales events from human to human and the development of a targeted MICE community with event managers from German-speaking countries. She founded her MICE sales representative agency for private and family-run hotels & venues in the biggest crisis of tourism in 2020 and thus had to adapt to the market changes. She passes on this knowledge and more to the industry with the MICE Academy.

What awaits you?


The MICE online Academy supports the hotel & hospitality industry to get away from the shortage of skilled workers to the MICE sales expert in the German-speaking market in the shortest time, with ease to digitalization and more authenticity instead of just numbers, data, facts.

The programme works with a strong foundation, a clear positioning, new customer acquisition & retention and a clear brand integration.

Learn how to realign your MICE sales strategy and win corporate clients from Germany in just 4 months in my free 10 min online training.

The content of the Academy at a glance

Module 1: Your foundation
– MICE expertise
– Your target group
– The offer process
– Partner management
Module 2: Prices vs. positioning
– Group calculations
– Commission handling
– Meeting packages
– Exclusive rentals
Module 3: Sales from Human to Human
– Sales Mindset
– Social Selling (LinkedIn)
– Sales Conversations
– Networking Events
– Digital Events
– Market Entry
Module 4: Brand integration
– Definition of
– MICE Website
– Invitation Management
– Sustainability
Bonus: Crisis Management (Mindset Training)
I will accompany you on your way with live calls every 3 weeks in our MICE Community.

A house is made of walls and beams; a hotel is built with love and dreams.


You will get:

40 Video Modules

With expert interviews from Germany
Can be integrated into your own time management in your daily work.

Worksheets & Templates

Practical tasks for direct implementation.

Accompanying support

Accompanying support from the community and Stephanie Kubik in a closed LinkedIn group and live calls.

Permanent access to all content

Member area and bonus material: Recording of all live sessions for you and your successors in case you change companies.

LIVE Calls

Closed MICE community; mutual exchange & support among like-minded people.

Motivation booster

You will receive a surprise at the beginning of the course, which will remind you again and again of your authentic self in Sales.


I would love to recommend the MICE Academy to any Sales-Expert who is passionate about Sales and wants to gain new insightes and knowledge about our fast moving markets. Being a part of the Academy and the valuable community that comes along with it, will ensure your team to be more confident during the entire communication with the client and the whole process or the request. It also gives you a deep understanding of where sales starts and that it is not over with the event being held or the proposal being send out. Regardless if you are new in the business or have been around many years, the programm is built for anyone. You can learn and grow in your very own pace while Stephanie is only just a call or a mail away in case of any questions you may have. The material will encourage you to rethink and develope own strategies in order to make it the perfect fit to your teams and company.

Elita Boldt,
Cluster Assistant Director of Sales at SCHLOSS Hotel Fleesensee


I have been in contact with Stephanie for a long time and am very happy to be a part of her MICE Academy. Just like for our boutique hotel Matador Lodges, individuality, quality and personality are Stephanie’s top priorities. I can recommend the Academy to anyone who wants to build a strong foundation in the business segment. Personally, I learn something new from lesson to lesson and especially look forward to the exchange with the community.

Laura Imdahl,
Assistant Hotel Manager bei Matador Lodges


I liked the MICE online Academy very much and Stephanie structured the different module steps logically and well. The good mix between practical exercises and theory was particularly positive. The academy is by no means “dry” and is always livened up by interactive participation. I can highly recommend the MICE Academy, especially to newcomers or career changers.

Stephanie Scheiwiller,
Director of Consulting & Marketing at Zurich Convention Center


The MICE academy is a contemporary solution in order to transfer all necessary knowledge to become a MICE expert. Stephanie accompanies each and every module, ensures the in-house progress and provides ideas to simplify the realization.  I got to know Stephanie as a very strong-minded person who really knows what she’s talking about and thus, I can recommend the academy to everyone who’s knew in the business or who likes to restructure the MICE department according to the newest standards.

Katharina Wiegert,
Management Assistant of the Bornmuehle

At a glance:


– Hybrid one-year programme to become the MICE Sales Expert of the 21st century

– LIVE Calls in the MICE Community every 3 weeks

– Worksheets & templates

– Accompanying support and individual feedback for questions

– Members area & bonus material: recordings of all LIVE Calls, exclusive LinkedIn group, expert interviews

– Permanent access to the course material: even when changing employees

MICE community with industry friends


Who is the Academy for?

For all MICE sales people, whether junior, career changers or sales directors in the hotel industry or in location sales. Everyone takes out what he/she needs. Everyone finds what they are looking for and continues their training in line with the times.

What language is the Academy in?

English, as the international language of tourism.

Is each module tested with a test and is there a certificate at the end?
No, because a certain amount of personal responsibility must be brought along. The Academy is a framework provider. You have to put it into practice yourself in order to achieve the desired results and we will support you in doing so. We will gladly issue you a certificate at the end.
When do the LIVE Calls take place?
Always at different times, so that everyone can participate. Depending on the size of the group, we discuss this together in the community.
What if I cannot participate in the LIVE Calls?

The LIVE Calls will all be recorded and available in the MICE Community area.

How many accesses are included?
One access is included, which can be passed on to a successor, so that the program can be used as onboarding for every new MICE Sales employee. If additional accesses are needed, they cost € 500,- per person.
How can I continue to participate in LIVE Calls after the 4 months have passed?

With a monthly fee of € 190,- net, you can also participate regularly in the LIVE Calls after the first 4 months.

The MICE Academy is the right choice for you, if…


… you would like to continue your education in line with the times and have no desire for 0/8/15 training programs.

… you have little time for training, but want to bring your team in MICE Sales to the next level.

… you want to take a new look at your existing processes from a meta-level and optimize them.

… you want to enter or expand the German market.

… you want to network and exchange ideas with like-minded people internationally.

… you are tired of outdated sales methods.

… you want to get started in sales authentically and with personality.

YES, I want to become a part of the MICE Academy and take my sales know-how to the next level.